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We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help your business thrive in a global market. From establishing foreign branches to managing logistics and providing specialized consultations, our expert team is here to support your growth and success.

General Business Consulting & Investment Services

At Horizon Consulting & Agency Services, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our expertise spans various sectors, ensuring that we can provide tailored solutions to help your business thrive.

Conducting feasibility and pre-feasibility studies for projects in emerging markets

Assisting companies in establishing foreign branches

Managing projects with comprehensive follow-up and reporting systems

Sourcing mined and agricultural raw materials from emerging markets

Conducting market research, development, and product development

Developing marketing strategies, monitoring markets, and analyzing data

Arranging and monitoring distribution networks and partners in emerging markets

Selecting, reviewing, and monitoring commercial and production agents

Building and managing sales networks

Promoting products in global markets with a focus on Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Asia

Providing general representation and agency services in various regions

Conducting public relations and advertising campaigns

Offering international tender consultation

Organizing seminars, presentations, press conferences, and staff training

Providing import-export (trade finance) consulting

Offering brokerage services

Managing logistics, including shipping, customs clearing, and warehousing

Investing in various sectors through joint ventures and other investment vehicles

Providing recruitment services


Agricultural commodities

Manufacturing and sourcing of raw materials

Commodities and FMCG Trading

Oil and Gas Services

Agriculture (including poultry and livestock)

Used machinery, equipment, and vehicles


Transportation and logistics

Trade Finance Services

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We are committed to providing innovative solutions and delivering exceptional results to help your business thrive in the global market.

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